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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good morning Lord Jesus Christ

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, hereby is my prayer today:

Good morning Lord Jesus Christ

Thank you for blessing me with life and good health. I am aware of the fact that there are others who are in bad health. I therefore ask you Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of those who have been injured in the wars around the world. As for those who have lost their lives, I pray that their souls rest in peace. Pardon them for their sins.

I emphathise with those who have lost their relatives and are now faced with practical and emotional problems. I ask you Lord Jesus Christ to care for them and help them rebuild their lives. Give them power to recover from their loss and opportunities to fend for themselves. May the world today see peace or at least ceasefire in the troubled spots.

I pray that
. the hungry find something to eat
. the poor be cared for
. the weak be protected from the strong
. the innocent be spared punishment for crimes they did not commit
. humanity remembers to care
. people do not seek to terrorise others
. cruelty, torture and hatred come to an end
. world rulers stop engaging in wars, torture, revenge killings, genocide and war games
. we have real world peace, tolerance, love and prosperity in diversity

On a personal level, I pray that I manage to overcome the challenges I am facing. I have just been listening to my microcassete recorder where I recorded my own bible readings and Shona hymns that I sing for guidance. I heard in the Acts of the Apostles that when Paul and his colleagues were arrested and put in prison, they sang hymns throughout the night until they got free! What an inspiration for me!! Although, I have not managed to sing for more than just an hour, I feel encouraged.

I do derive a lot of satisfaction from singing to God and will soon get my hymn book and sing praise to God, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I can only achieve this through God's intervention. Accordingly, I ask the Lord for guidance. Help me Lord Jesus Christ! Pprotect me from my enemies in all their plots. Pardon me for my sins.

Rescue me from all the problems that I am facing. Give me strength to overcome them. Help me to remember that some of the things I take for granted are other people's dreams. I therefore pray to you Lord to be grateful, humble and less selfish.

Lord have mercy- hear my prayers!



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