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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

God! You Are Wonderful.

Thank you Lord Jesus for this day
I have triumphed against all odds
I have been tried and tested by men and machines

I have had my patience pushed to the limits
I have been asked to go more than an extra mile

I have been asked to give more than the baker's dozen
I have been taken for granted

I have learnt to be deceived
I have been asked to take it or leave it

I have been given verbal assurances
I have been asked to give written commitments

I have also made mistakes to trust the untrustworthy

I have learnt to Cry For Help from Psalms 69
I have also realised how privileged I am
I have seen that I am not on earth because of evolution
I have resolved to keep trying
I have also learnt to be considerate
Protect me, rescue me, bless me with the Holy Spirit

Be patient and remain kind Lord

Keep guard on me always

You can see all my blindspots

You can watch over me more than CCTV cameras

Don't go far away from me

I need you my everlasting umbrela

I need you my Father

I need you my inspiration

I need you by my side

I need you in my dreams

I need you in business decisions

I need your counsel in my personal life

Who would stand up for me in this world?

I do not forget the suffering people of Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and those who have lost their parents, because I know what it means to have none.

Lord have mercy, hear my prayers.
Good night!

Mweya mutsvene waMwari
Garai muno mumba
Burukai zvino nesimba
Uya Mweya, uyai

Uyai Mweya, kufanana
Kupenya kwezuva
Venekerai mwoyo yedu
Onisai kuipa

Onisai rushavashava
Nezvirwere zvose
Titungamire panzira
Panenda vatsvene

Uyai serimi romoto
Pisai mwoyo yedu
Tichive zviteuriro
Kuna Ishe wedu

Uya Mweya kufanana
Dova rokudenga
Mwoyo isingabereke
Ive namapudzi

Uya senjiva yedenga
Namapapiro orudo

Uyai sedutu remhepo
Nesimba renyasha
Kuti vanhu vakuonei
Noutsvene hwenyu

Uyai Mweya wokudenga
Mukugara kwedu
Mutiite musha wenyu
Uyai Mweya, uyai

Source: Dzimbo DzeMethodist, Harare, Zimbabwe