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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Were Zimbabwe elections rigged?
Is it me only who thinks that elections were rigged in Zimbabwe?
After waiting for five years, then this?
Does money buy elections?
Will you give peace to those who rigged elections?
So those who were murdered in 2008 died in vain?
Should Zimbabwe go this way?
Has impunity replaced justice for ever in Zimbabwe?
How do you justify the 31 July 2013 election results?
Should people's dreams of democratic change just dissipate like that?
Should Zimbabweans be denied free and fair elections?
Should Zimbabweans wallow in poverty for the next five years again?
Was this not daylight robbery?
Where have people been bussed to vote where they don't live?
Why were people denied voter registration?
Why were people's names not there on polling day?
Why were some people forced to pretend to be illiterate on polling day?
Why were people forced to queue behind their headmen, village heads and chiefs?
Why did a presiding officer smuggle a ballot box with presidential ballots (daily news 03 08 13)?
Who will pay councils for the US$2 billion write-off ordered by the regime in Zimbabwe?
In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, I ask for guidance and protection
I am your loving son clifford

I thank you for blessing me
I thank you for inspiring me
I thank you for your mercy
I thank you for your guidance
I thank you for enabling me achieve my aim
I thank you for helping me publish my book
I thank you for immortalizing my ideas
I thank you for being always with me
I thank you for feeding me
I thank you for clothing me
I thank you for housing me
I thank you for making people buy my book