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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Morning Lord Jesus Christ

Good morning Lord
Thank you for giving me the spirit to live
I am confident that with you I will not fail
I know that you are not far away
Give me the strength and power to overcome all obstacles
Give me the courage to forgive others as you forgive me
Lord have mercy, hear my prayers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you Lord

Lord I would like to thank you for giving me victory in my pursuit of peace and freedom.
I thank you Lord for handing me victory on July 3rd, 2008 at the Harare Magistrates Court after waiting since November 2006.
Bless all those who have been kind to me.
Also I don't forget all orphans, the hungry, the sick, the unemployed, those being persecuted for their belief in democracy the world over.

I pray for a breakthough to the Zimbabwe problem.
Lord, only you know our wishes
Lord, only you can restore sanity to the disturbed part of your planet called Zimbabwe
Lord, only you can stop the killings, murders, torture, cheating, deception and violence
Lord, only you can convince Russia and China that their veto at the UN is a travesty of justice
Lord, only you can convince Mr Thabo Mbeki to admit that he has failed to mediate in Zimbabwe
Lord, only you know the day and time for the end to the suffering in Zimbabwe at the hands of fellow blacks.
I pray that we get peace, democracy, tolerance and reconciliation, love, food, jobs, investment, humanitarian aid, prosperity in our land.
Lord, only you can heal our wounds.

Hymn 141

Ndinofara kuti Baba wedu
Wareva rudo rwake rukuru
Murugwaro rwake rwakanaka
Ndonzwa kuti Jesu anondida

Ndinofara Jesu wandida
Anondida, anondida
Ndinofara Jesu wandida
Ini anondida

Kana ini ndichimukanganwa
Iye anozondiyeuchidza
Zvino kwaari ndinodzokera
Ndonzwa kuti Jesu anondida

Jesu anondida kwazvo
Saka wandipa upenyu hwake
Kutadza kwangu wakakufira
Ndonzwa kuti Jesu anondida

Mwoyo wangu uno Mununuri
Ndinotenda Jesu Mununuri
Zvino ndinogomubatirira
Nokuti ndonzwa Jesu wandida


From the Shona Methodist Hymn book, Harare Zimbabwe.

Mwari muna masimba ose, Baba waIshe wedu Jesu Kristu, asingade kufa komutadzi, asi anoregerera avo vanobvuma zvidariko zvavo.
Ndiregerereiwo zvitadzo zvangu.
Dzingai Satan abve mushure mangu.
Nenzira yaIshe wedu Jesu Kristu akakomborerwa.